New Product Announcement: Nanomap Twin -1000WLI

AEP Technology AEP Technology AEP Technology

Profilometer3D Profilometers

  • 3D Optical Profiler
  • 3D Contact Profiler
  • 3D Optical + Contact Profiler
  • 3D Optical +
    Confocal Profilometer


  • Nano Tribometer
  • High Temperature Tribometer
  • Heavy Duty Tribometer

Nano TesterNano Mechanical Tester

  • Nano Indenter
  • Scratch Tester
  • Micro Indenter

AEP is the world leader in surface metrology and technology innovation. Products include high resolution surface profilometers, contact and non-contact profilometers, as well as ex-situ and in-situ stress monitors for thin film deposition processes. From inception AEP has developed cutting edge instruments to aid researchers and users.

AEP has grown steadily in worldwide markets. AEP surface profilometers, tribometers and nano mechanical testers are used in the semiconductor, automobile/aerospace, coatings, optical compoments, thin films, health science/biomedical, electronics, security/forensic science, manufacturing, and textile/paper industries.

Currently AEP has offices in America, Asia and Europe. For further information, please contact us.