NanoMap-LS with large scanning range allows to generate high resolution 3D and 2D images with a press of a button.

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Tip and Stage Scan mode

Tip scan (piezo drive) allows for best resolutions

Tip Scan using Piezo drive
Schematic to explain tip
Scan using Piezo drive

Stage Scan using linear drive
Stage Scan using XY drive

NanoMap-LS allows for both tip and stage scan modes. Tip scan uses piezo drive to move the stylus upto 500x500micron area and generates ultra high resolution image. Stage scan moves the sample stage to generate high resolution image. As piezo stage has better XY accuracy tip scan produces far better image as compared to stage scan mode. With a click of button tip and stage scan modes can be selected on NanoMap-LS


Technical Specification*

Specifications that chases ever improving targets

AEP technology strives to improve technical specification with every day passing. For latest configuration and specifications please contact us.

Vertical Resolution


Vertical Dynamic Range

Up to 5um with fine range; up to 1300um with high range

Scan Range

Up to 150mm x 150mm (upgrade available)

XY Piezo Stage Resolution


Stylus Loading Force

0.03mg to 100mg

Optical Camera Color camera with

1.5 x 1.5mm FOV

Illumination Bright and dark field illumination

SW settable intensity

*specifications are subject to change, please check the latest brochure.

NanoMap 500LS Brochure

HD images

2D, 3D, Histogram etc. views

NanoMap-LS can generate both 2D and 3D images. Several options to make custom graphs, plots, views such as histogram, radial etc. are possible using provided software.

3d High Res Images

High Res Images



Versatility and ease of use

The open platform architecture, granite foundation, optical flat reference disks, enclosure, optional antivibration table etc allows NanoMap-LS to achieve very low noise. Optical flatness is achieved over large scanning areas upto 150mmx150mm (larger scanning range options available).

Software and Computational power

Easy and intuitive with High processing speeds

Strong hardware includes 64 bit, multiple core processors. The parallel processor configuration allows data processing independent of the pixel. Tester comes with latest windows based OS. The tester and its various controllers are optimized to exploit latest generation of electronics available. Few features of software package is listed below



Usage limited only by user need


Misc. features

Contact us for more information

The profiler comes with several optional items such as multi chamber vacuum chuck, sample heater, integrated contact profilometer, mechnical modules, built in temperature and humidity sensors, larger scanning area, economical passive antivibration table, UPS etc.