3D Profilometers

High Resolution Surface Images

AEP Technology offers various 3D profilometer models. Sturdy platform, advanced electronics, clean room compatible, small energy foot print, low machine noise, high end lenses and tips etc. makes our profilometers stand apart in imaging world. In addition to separate contact and optical profilometer we also offer world’s only cross platform that can accommodate both contact and optical profilometer on same tester.

3D Contact + 3D Optical Profiler

Dual technique on same platform

  • White light interferometer
    + Stylus profiler
  • 1 click motion between two
    competing techniques

3D Optical Profiler

White light interferometer

  • 4 million pixel image
  • Non contact technique

3D Contact Profiler

Scanning Stylus based

  • Both tip and stage scan
  • Easy to interchange tips