UT-3000 takes tribology and mechanical test to next level. A modular design allows same platform to perform several tests (rotary, fretting, reciprocating, linear, block on ring, indentation, scratch etc.) in controlled environmental condition.

Ultra Nano, Nano & Micro range Interchangeable test heads 3D high resolution image Various lower Drives Environmental Options
Close loop controls Sturdy platform Insitu Sensors FingerPrint curve Software
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Ultra Nano, Nano and Micro Range

Resolutions maintained over entire range

The modular based construction allows UT-3000 to accommodate various test heads on same platform. Easy to interchange heads allows UT-3000 to cover a range from nN to 5000N on same platform. User can run tests that require precision to study interaction at atomic level (thin films, dlc coatings, bio materials) or to test lubricants, automobile coatings etc. that requires heavy duty forces for several million cycles. Multiple heads ensure resolution independence from the load range.

Various Tests – Tribology, Indentation, Scratch, Mechanical Tests

Nano Load Range
Micro Load Range
Macro Load Range

- upto 1000mN
- upto 30N
- upto 5000N

Interchangeable test heads

Comprehensive mechanical and tribological testing

UT-3000 offers following interchangeable techniques on same platform.

  1. Main modules
    1. Tribometer heads - High load tribology, Micro tribology , Nano Tribology

  2. Other Modules
    1. Indentation- Nanoindentation, Micro Indentation, Macro indentation
    2. Scratch test- Macro scratch, Micro scratch, Nano Scratch
    3. Mechanical test- Fatigue, creep, tensile, torsion, compression, bending etc.

3D High Resolution Images

Seeing is believing

UT-3000 comes with several inline imaging options. Depending upon the test or the mechanical head installed, an imaging option can be chosen. For eg. Nanoindenter is complemented with AFM, scratch with 3D contact profilometer, tribology test with optical profilometer etc. 3D and 2D images at 4 million pixel, sub nm resolution can be generated automatically after the test. Samples automatically move between imaging and mechanical heads.

3d High Res Images

High Magnification

With Multiple objectives mounted on automatic or manual turret that can take high resolution colored picture and videos.

3D Contact Profilometer

Contact Stylus based profilometer with both tip and stage scan to generate 2D and 3D images with high reliability and without any material surface requirement.

Optical Profilometer

Non contact White light interferometer with high intensity LED allows to image sample with < 0.4% to 100% reflectivity.


Atomic force microscope with all standard modes such as contact and non contact mode to generate high resolution atomic scale images.

Various lower drives

Any motion can be replicated on UT-3000

Tribology depends on several parameters including the motion direction, speed etc. UT-3000 comes with various easily interchangeable lower drives such as rotary, fast reciprocating, block on ring, linear drive etc. to replicate any motion. It takes less than 5 minutes to interchange the lower drive. Choice of drive is dictated by the standard or the test required for eg. scratch test uses linear drive, fretting test uses fast reciprocating drive, pin on disk uses rotary drive and so on. All these drives are independently programmable i.e its easy to customize motions for eg. to simulate hip joint, tester can create a butterfly stroke (like number 8) with ease.


Environmental Options

Testing condition close to real life scenario

UT-3000 comes with close loop environmental control options. The wide range of computer controllable temperature ranges from -150C to 1500C, 5 to 95% RH . These chambers allow lab results to reproduce in field and also to design products considering different geographical location into consideration.

Close Loop Controls

Ensures high reproducibility and repeatability

UT-3000 uses multi mode real time Z down force control. Tests can be done on flat or non flat samples as down force is controlled during the test. All velocities, stroke length, temperature, humidity etc are controlled in close loop to ensure data repeatability and reproducibility.

Study Platform

No vibrations, clean room compatible

To allow analysis at nano level, NT-30 offers cut-off environment. NT-30 is based on a strong sturdy platform that uses granite, anti dampening cast iron, optically flat reference discs, anti-vibration table, acoustic enclosure etc. High grade electronics from silicon valley allow for high data processing speeds. Fine finish, clean room compatible, low energy compliant, small foot print, multiple cameras, led lighting on the platform makes this platform an ideal platform for various nanotechnology studies.


In-situ Sensors

Multiple parallel data to increase result confidence

UT-3000 uses multi sensing technology to measure various data insitu during the test. Sensors such as acoustic emission, electrical contact resistance, down force, friction force, wear, displacement, humidity, temperature , velocity, stroke lengths, motion direction, images are all recorded and saved on same data file automatically. User can change the frequency of data collection to reduce file size if needed.

Speed/Load Graph

Finger Print Curve

Automatic generation of Friction vs velocity/load curve

To reduce guess work or to give a complete picture UT-3000 give users a starting point for any tribology test. It comes with standard recipe that allows automatic friction vs velocity/load curve generation at various environmental conditions. Tester automatically changes load and velocity during the test and produces the curves automatically. This curve should be used as a starting point for further specific experimental setups.


Easy and intuitive software

Tester comes with latest windows based OS. It has an intuitive easy to run interface. With one click same area of sample moves between test and imaging head. After the data is collected, images are analyzed using powerful imaging software. Few features of software package is listed below



Usage limited only by user need

Few industries using UT-3000 are as following

Clutches, tyre, paint, surface finish, piston liner, gears, glass, polymer etc.

Thin Films
DLC, CVD, ALD, electroplating, PVD, decorative coatings, solar cells, MEMS, etc.

Health Science / Biomedical
Joints, knee, bone, dental, skin, hair, sutures, stent, contact lens tissues, implants, pumps, lens etc.

Hard coating, paint, protective coating, surface modifier etc.

Cutting tool, surface inspection, wear volume, fretting, paint, surface finish, glass, polymer etc.

Lubricant, additives, metal working fluid, Anti friction coatings, etc.

Few of the several applications on the UT-3000 are mentioned below.

Computational power

High processing speeds

Strong hardware includes 64 bit, multiple core processors. The parallel processor configuration allows data processing independent of the number of channels being used. Tester comes with latest windows based OS.


Misc. features

Contact us for more information

The current description doesn’t list all new exciting features. The tester also has several other features such as dynamic liquid circulation, vacuum chambers, pH probes, universal holders, gas chambers etc. Please contact us for more detailed information.